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Monday, June 22, 2009

Naming Names

Names are important to writers. Yes, I know the old Shakespeare line about "What's in a name?" Indeed, I teach Romeo and Juliet every year, and that line bugs me each time. Shakespeare, it seems to me, is a master of choosing names with meaning, names that resonate with their characters' intentions. An example? Sure, Romeo means pilgrim and in that same scene, R&J meet and speak a sonnet together. You remember from high school the "Hand to hand is holy palmers' kiss" line, when he wants to kiss and she offers a hand instead.

Joe and Cole Atkinson have names that represent a generation gap. Joe is a traditional name; he's probably Joe Junior, in fact, and broke tradition by choosing the name Cole. I suspect that it was a family name from his wife's side. It's cool, which suits Cole. He can carry off an individual name with no problem. He likes signing cards "Cole" and knowing that the recipient will be certain that it's he.

The Amin family is next in line for name revision. I like Neil's name, but I'm not satisfied with Rohit and Surya. Rohit, though it means 'red,' which matters for this story might be more of a Rohan. And Surya needs a name with a bit more surprise to it, as she is a character who has a few tricks up her sleeve. Jairaj is well-named, especially since he will work hard to become the center of our attention.

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